Tradeshow Setup

International tradeshows are unique, to say the least. To understand why we tie this ambiguous term to our industry, let’s break down the process in a nutshell, shall we?

Any good execution for an international show will begin 9-12 months prior to the show (minimum). An initial client strategy meeting helps to determine the needs of the group and what their overall goal is for exhibiting.

From there the nitty, gritty details of branding, design, and layout begin. The phrase “build and burn” is also introduced at international shows, which is drastically different than how domestic shows are handled. Our exhibits team works with an international builder to create the perfect space with the perfect feel to generate meaningful traffic and help share the business unit’s message. Of course, language barriers, time zones, and unrealistic deadlines all play a factor into the uniqueness of an international show.

All is considered a success if the builder meets their deadline, our client is excited to re-sign for another show, and our exhibits team comes back to the office without a strange cold they may have picked up on the plane ride home. It’s not an easy task to make sure all of this goes off without a hitch, but it’s our job to make it appear that way.

With that, “unique” might be the best way to describe international tradeshows.

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