NanoCoil Videos

Our challenge was big, although the product was small – really small. We were tasked with promoting the comfort benefits of a new spring-based product that broke out of the traditional use of a supportive core unit, into the comfort layers of a mattress build.

Playing off the “nano” size of those tiny coils, we latched onto the theme of “A tiny coil with a big story.” Those stories expanded to 1-per-day for the 31 days in May, which is “Better Sleep Month”. And we only had a few weeks to pull it off.

The creative team took on the challenge, designing the tiny sets, exploring the many characters that the NanoCoils could portray, and gathering the scraps of fabrics, miniature furnishings, faux grass, and engineering the practical effects to make these videos come to life. Scripts were approved and the hot glue flowed and google eyes sprouted to life. 

Working tirelessly through the late parts of the winter months, the challenge was met, and the 31 videos hit the web on May 1, pushed through social media, trade advertising, and other digital marketing efforts to let the bedding world know that Leggett & Platt’s tiny coil had really big potential for padding their bottom line and making their customers sleep better. A team of two designers built the sets, the video team set the lighting and camera moves, and countless others played avant-garde grip and puppetry roles behind the scenes to make the coils come to life.

See the results for yourself at

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