Communicate Through More than Just Sales

Regular communication with your customers is critical to maintaining and growing your relationship with them. It’s not feasible to expect a sales rep to be the only communicator, though. They have multiple customers they’re trying to serve and keep happy, and likely putting out fires on a regular basis.

So, how do you keep in touch with all of your customers so they are up to date with the latest of what’s happening at your business?

Enter email marketing.

None of us wants to receive more email than is absolutely necessary, but a well-thought-out email marketing strategy can provide a benefit to all parties. Relevant content paired with quality design can yield results everyone is happy with.

But what information makes sense for you to send and your customer to receive?

Here are a few ideas:

New Products

Your customers, especially the loyal ones, want to know when you launch a new product. Odds are good that they’ll have a need for it, or have a customer that does.

New products take a great deal of effort to develop and launch, and you want to make sure your customers learn about them. Email should be a key piece of your product marketing along with PR, social, and other advertising efforts.

Industry Information

Did a big player in your industry just make a significant acquisition or file for bankruptcy? Maybe an industry association made an impactful announcement.

As a leader in your industry, you likely have an opinion and want to let your customers know about how it may affect your business, or theirs. Email is an easy way to communicate your message directly to their inbox.

Company Changes

Recent acquisition? Executive announce their retirement? Excited about the launch of your new website?

Good, bad, or otherwise, you want to be the first to let your customers know and control the message. When prepared ahead of a corporate announcement, an email can be planned to send at the exact time you want your customers to hear about the news. Keeping them in the loop on relevant information will help keep them happy and engaged.


One of the most beneficial uses of email marketing can be focused around events you’re hosting or attending. Tradeshows, customer appreciation events, and speaking engagements are perfect opportunities to touch base with your customers.

When done well, it can drive traffic to your marketing efforts and attendance to your event. That’s what we all want, right?

There are many more topics that can be addressed, but the key to a quality email marketing effort is relevance and consistency. If you hit both of those, your recipients will be satisfied, your list will grow, and so will your business.

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