Our New Name

Once upon a time, Creative Services was called Marketing Services – many of you still refer to us as “the marketing department” today. As our technology evolves and our client needs change, it seems our name is no longer reflective of all we do. Neither “Marketing Services” nor “Creative Services” really fit the full breadth of our capabilities.

With that in mind, Creative Services has updated its department name to Marketing + Creative. A simple change that means a lot. Nearly every group in M+C has gone through major changes over the last few years.

We have expanded our 3D, CGI, and animation services with a larger team and better technology. Our modelers are able to produce commercial-grade CGI, VR, 3D, and animation much faster, with greater complexity, and in a broader set of formats.

Demand for video and photography production continues to increase and our imaging group needed to grow to keep up. Today we offer three videographer/editors and one photographer, allowing us to produce and shoot multiple photo/video projects at the same time. We will soon be announcing an open house of our secondary studio (thanks to CPG for lending us some space) to further enhance our capabilities and speed.

Account Services has expanded both services and staff to help shepherd your creative and marketing projects, which may include: project planning and tracking, market research, marketing program support, showroom management, and other services.

Our internet solutions team has grown into a full-service digital marketing department, capable of developing websites, ecommerce, digital advertising, social media, global email marketing, and other digital solutions. They stand ready to take on any digital or online marketing project. The team can track and analyze site performance, social media, digital listening, and digital advertising performance.

Exhibits and Events has gone from managing 10-12 shows a year to nearly 80! The group now has a full project management team, logistics, and support to help you manage, budget, and plan your tradeshow and event activities anywhere in the world. We have added a distribution capability for obtaining branded items for tradeshows like signage and table wraps that we pass on to our business units at competitive pricing. Just ask for a quote.

Along with these growth areas we continue to offer award-winning design and creative solutions, copywriting and editing, printing, branded items, and more. M+C has also expanded its ability to do marketing and statistical research; assist in developing marketing plans and calendars; manage campaigns and other creative, digital, and ecommerce analytics; and provide marketing solutions.

The name change seems simple, but behind it is a faster, digitally and technically capable group of talented people ready to help you achieve your marketing goals while managing costs and ROI. Marketing + Creative continues to look forward to partnering with you.

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